Click here to check out the clinical study published in the US National Library of Medicine about vitamin C being proven to be effective treatment for numerous illnesses including invasive diseases.
Of course the practical question to ask is, would the patients described in this study be susceptible to the illnesses described in the first place if they had already been taking large doses of vitamin C? Countless studies have shown vitamin C is the most effective nutritive support to build a strong immune system.
The next question to ask is, just what are the highest vitamin C foods for the above purpose? It's the following three plant foods: Camu berry, Acerola cherry, and Amla berry. And these are the foods that are the foundational ingredients of Infinity-C. The included astragalus root, shilajit, and ginger in Infinity-C is for the purpose of further enhancing the immune boosting performance of the high-vitamin C ingredients.
Due to FDA regulations it is unallowable to claim that a specific product is a preventative or treatment for disease, but the fact is, Infinity-C delivers the highest concentration of vitamin C purely from wild-crafted and organic superfoods for a 100% absorption rate. Alternatively, the commonly used ascorbic acid, lab-produced from genetically modified corn, is what comprises many products marketed as vitamin C for an absorption rate of 10-15%.
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