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How to Gain Some Control in Our New Pandemic World
Warm greetings to you all!
It’s Billy here! Founder of Infinity Greens
It’s tough, isn’t it? It’s hard to go to the store without feeling at least a little afraid….now, people are wearing masks in the store. Yesterday, I walked into my store, and they had a sanitizing station set up for me to clean my own cart! The paper goods aisle is still empty. … You’re in a situation that you didn’t choose….none of us did…
Watching the news is not helpful…Even the doctors and nurses are feeling that the situation is out of control…
A Piece You Can Control
Finally, an encouraging tidbit popped up in the news…Have you heard? Doctors in 23 New York hospitals have started intravenous feedings of vitamin C. They’re willing to try anything….and reports from doctors in China mention using vitamin C in treatments as well. They have started a clinical trial to determine the benefits of vitamin C on patients with COVID-19.
Why are they doing that? Because vitamin C has an antioxidant effect. That means that it combines with DNA-altering stuff in our bloodstream and helps carry those bad guys away. Vitamin C could be a “stop-gap” to help shorten our sick time—if we have the misfortune of shaking hands with that nasty virus.
Where It All Started
All of this current interest can be traced back to a study that was published in 2013. In that study, researchers found that vitamin C shortened the duration of the common cold. Ever since then, people all over the world have taken vitamin C when cold and flu season starts.
So, what are you waiting for? Take back control of your life.
The Best Vitamin C on the Market
You could just walk over to your local drug store and get a bottle of vitamin C…but you shouldn’t do that. Why not?
Because the vitamin C’s on the store shelves are largely ascorbic acid, which is a synthetic vitamin that your body doesn’t absorb very well. It’s lab-produced from genetically modified corn, with only a 10% to 15% absorption rate. Yikes! Many of them also add sugar! You don’t need more of that!
Whereas, Infinity-C is a 100% naturally food-derived product. That means that it is 100% absorbed by your body, for a better, faster, armor-building defense.
It’s not just a combination of oranges either…Infinity-C is made of a combination of the most potent vitamin C foods on the planet. You get acerola cherry, camu camu, and amla berry.
NO other foods contain as much vitamin C as these. Infinity-C has them ALL. The addition of astragalus root, shilajit, and ginger then further advances the immune boosting performance of Infinity-C.
No need to go to the store ….just order it right here.
So…you can take charge of your immune system…start feeling less afraid of going to the store…when you know you’ve had your daily dose of Infinity-C.
To your long-lasting health,

Billy Merritt

Founder, Infinity Greens

Naturally Better for a better You.

P.S.: As always, you have my 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. So, take back control of your life. Take Infinity-C, and start building your armor now.