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Hi, I’m Billy Merritt, an integrative health coach.

The potential well being of mind and body that is within our reach is no less than extraordinary. I do believe that under the shadow of the modern, less-than-healthy lifestyles, it’s simply been forgotten.

The question is, is there an intuitive wisdom within us that has only become disabled from the flaws of the trending ways of modern life that aren't exactly in our best interest? If yes, what could be done to get this power turned back on?

It is true that healthy living creates a quality of life-experience for which no one has ever regretted spending the time and effort. The wellbeing of our minds and bodies is invaluable, and the value, as great as it already is, can yet become even greater as it changes us - as we walk this path. Soon to be discovered.

My motive is to help you carve this path, unique to your needs, and help you find your way. And to walk by your side as building-blocks of inspiration and motivation are gathered. And the foundation of self-confidence and purpose is constructed.

"The coaching sessions with Billy were exceptional. Really helpful, encouraging, and compassionate.

It helped me define where I'd like to be in the future. I'm stronger." — Mickie | Wellness Adventure 2023

The coaching I offer is not only for people who want to lose weight. Although I’d be happy to help you if, for example, you need to lose twenty pounds. I'm here. The coaching I offer is about helping you to make any positive change in your life - whether for improvement of your general health, upgrading day-to-day habits, or for healing your body and mitigating negative effects from a health condition. This all includes mental and emotional health, too.

With everything in life there is always room for self improvement. It’s a journey of revealing our best selves - a journey for all of us that never ends. The question is, what is it about yourself that you are hoping to improve now? It's a powerful question that even for myself I will always ponder.

Deep down, there is a desire in all of us for greater vitality, happiness, resilience to disease, and, of course, longevity.

The quest is how can we make a healthy way of life second nature in order to get there - to reap the great payoff of a more enjoyable life-experience.

The vision of elevating the practices of our day-to-day lives to make the mind and body superhuman, I believe, is not a fantasy. And we have the power to do it. You can do it.

The potential is truly awesome, just little-known — not to be that way forever. What greatness in you is to be discovered?

Following your booking, I will contact you to schedule our session.

We will meet by video on Zoom. Or by phone, if you prefer.

I’m Billy the health coach, and I am here for you.

Yours Truly,

Billy Merritt

Integrative Health Coach 

with Duke Medicine

Devoted to raising the bar from status quo 'healthcare' to superior 'self-care'.

"Billy is a great listener. During our time together, Billy was very encouraging and thoughtful. Key takeaways for me include: I know what to do to get and keep my health on track, reinforcing 'slow and steady wins the race', it's important to incorporate strength training in my routine, and to have fun while on my health journey.— Dimitria

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