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4 Keys to Beautiful Skin, as the leaves turn

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Changes in seasons bring changes in the body - like our skin. Temperatures cooling as days become shorter can affect the skin in two undesirable ways. 1) Lower humidity can cause dryness of the skin. 2) Cooler temperatures reduce circulation in the skin. This doesn’t have to be the case, and there's no reason our skin shouldn't reflect the positive aspects of seasonal change. With a few changes, we can achieve healthy, beautiful skin year-round!

4 Keys to Beautiful Skin

1) More vitamin E! Rich in natural antioxidants, vitamin E helps protect the skin from damage by free radicals, reactive oxygen-based chemicals linked to aging skin. Olive oil is a great source of vitamin E. Use it in sauces and dressings.

One of the best ways to use olive oil? I put olive oil on my body in the shower, head to toe. To use in the shower: rinse, massage into the skin, rinse another couple of minutes, and then towel dry - not greasy at all! This is dually benefitting. In addition to feeding your body vitamin E (It's absorbed through the skin!), massage helps increase circulation, which keeps the skin soft, smooth, and supple.

Note about "skin-care" products - skin-care products contain heavily processed ingredients, even those promoted as natural. Did you know that your skin absorbs whatever it's exposed to? Most people don't. As with food products, be a label reader. Skin-care products that are composed of ingredients such as shea butter or olive oil are the only way to go - that is, for anyone taking their health seriously.

The superior source of vitamin E? Sprouted almonds are the number one source of vitamin E. 200 calories of almonds contain 45% daily recommended value! The sprouting process is what makes the vitamin E bio-available and is the very reason Infinity Spouted Almonds are one of the flagship Infinity Superfood products. 

 2) More Zinc! Zinc is present in every part of the body and has a wide range of functions. It is particularly important for healthy skin. The high-ranking source of zinc is pumpkin seeds. Healthy skin is a primary intention of the Infinity Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds. Beans and lentils are also excellent sources of zinc. Beef is high in zinc, but the irony is it's also an inflammatory-food which has the exact opposite effect on the skin.

And to further supplement your intake of zinc: Stinging Nettles and Icelandic Kelpare excellent sources which is the very reason they are included in Infinity Greens.

3) More Silica. You are what you eat! Silica is one of the 6 trace elements that are vital for your body. It strengthens the muscles, tendons, nails and ensures healthy young looking skin. Silica gives elasticity to your skin and makes it soft and supple. Only trace amounts of this mineral are needed by the body, but it is essential nonetheless. The Infinity Greens formula includes the herb, horsetail, containing the highest source of silica. 

 4) More Chlorophyll. Yes, green foods like kale, arugula, chard, spinach, and collard greens. But the number one source of chlorophyll? Blue-green algae. I consider green foods to be the most powerful anti-aging food. The reason is chlorophyll from green food is number one for removing toxins from the body. Inevitably, toxins accumulating in the body damages and ages the skin over time - no matter what skincare products you're using. 
The good news is Infinity Greens is a blend of the highest chlorophyll foods which includes spirulina, chlorella, and klamath algae. Additionally, the antioxidant blend, essential fatty acid blend, and enzymes, all of which are critical parts of Infinity Greens, improve the health of the skin as well.
I would like to note here, it's clear that I am endorsing my products by explaining how specific foods provide powerful support to the skin. And this information that I'm sharing is true. The therapeutic value of the medicinal herbs and superfoods that make up the Infinity Superfoods is legitimate, and they wouldn't be in my products if they were not to have an important purpose. 
I see skin as a vitally part of our full-body health. Of course it is, and for myself it's something that I care about. I will also share here that every time I let people know my age when I'm asked, they are in disbelief. I don't mean this in an arrogant way. Truthfully, I feel like I'm one of the least arrogant people ever (not to brag, haha.). Of course, my hope is to be a living example of excellent health - in a humble way. And the connection between diet and the health of our skin is a big part of it.

Since 2006, the Infinity Superfoods and Wellness Adventures have become a powerful influence, enriching the lives of many, and my wish is always for you to be part of the tribe. If you've had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass the word to your friends and family, or even better, give them Infinity products to try so they can experience the brilliance of what they're all about. 

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