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Billy's Infinity Greens Podcast

Putting your health first, Billy is committed to continuing his quest to educate himself and the rest of the world with the purpose of global well-being, exploring the intricate link between health and nature. And Billy does his best to make this journey of ever-improving health enjoyable! Who says that getting healthy can't be fun?? The protocols for superior diet, exercise, and sleep shared in Billy's books and podcast are what have most impacted the lives of thousands of people at the Ashram health retreat where he worked as a nutritionist and trainer for eleven years. What you will gain is the lesser known information to be reflected by your longevity, resilience to disease, energy, speed of recovery, clarity of mind, your happiness, and weight loss, too. The transformative power of what Billy has to share with you is what makes all of this his driving passion, and it may just become a passion for you too.
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