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Retreat Dates: July 24-30 & October 1-7. Taos, New Mexico

Hiking spectacular terrain, elite food, revitalizing yoga, massage, and just plain relaxation - with the camaraderie of other great people....this is the tried and true way for a powerful mind-body recharge - something of value like nothing else. Think of the Infinity Retreat as an investment in yourself. After all, what is of greater value than You? 

Watch the video below to see just why New Mexico is referred to as "the land of enchantment". And learn what others, like you, have gained from the Infinity Retreat experience. 

A day at the Infinity Retreat…


After a great night’s sleep we’re up together to savor another classic New Mexico sunrise. And, of course, with a hot cup of Chai, in hand.

Then it’s time for your daily yoga class! After limbering up for an adventure packed day it’s time for a wonderful home-cooked breakfast, including of course a revitalizing smoothie that I make for you personally.

After that, we’re out the door to embark on the day's hiking adventure into the land of enchantment!..exploring some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

Take note that I gauge the hikes based on your ability level. It’s creating a balance between making it both fun and challenging. As always, we’ll maintain that objective when determining the length and difficulty of the hikes. Since there will be a few trail guides, including myself, it will be possible for everyone to hike at their own pace.


Part of what makes all of the hikes very special is how you’re sharing these experiences with other great people. The camaraderie with other adventurers that share similar values is a very special part of the Infinity Retreats. 

After the hike we return home, with feelings of achievement. And of course an increased sense of awe, inspired from the magical landscapes of northern New Mexico.


And the day is not done yet! How about some time in the hot tub or pool? (note - the October retreat temperatures can be cool so there will be no pool. Hooray for hot tubs, though!) 

Make special note for Monday and Wednesday that you get massages! 

And each day there will be time for you to simply relax and enjoy life! 

Then time for dinner! You’ll be delighted by the delicious, highly nutritious vegetarian meals that will be prepared for you every day by a private chef under my guidance. Note - there is no alcohol served at Infinity Retreats. 

After dinner you’ll enjoy a special group activity.

This will include taking some time to share together the things that are important for optimizing our health in both mind and body. And even spirit too.

And we have an entire week together during which you can get health and nutrition coaching from me personally. 

Some evenings we’ll be out to enjoy the magical town of Taos. You’ll experience why it’s accredited to be an artist’s town when we visit all the local shops. After all, the art is largely inspired by the ‘land of enchantment’.

We will also visit some historic sites to take in the special heritage of the area.

There are some evenings during the week that I am especially excited about, but I don’t want to blow all the surprises! But you can bet on them being both fun and magical. 

Then, at the end of the day, after having a final gander at the stars (which are amazing in the clear skies of Northern New Mexico), it’s bedtime to recharge for yet another day filled with the magic and adventure of the Infinity Retreats.

Dates: July 24-30 & October 1-7 

Tuition: $2897 

What's included: 

Everything. You'll be picked up at the Albuquerque airport at 3pm on Saturday after which all transportation, food, massages (2), and accommodations are covered. Then back to the airport at noon on Friday.

If you have any doubts, questions, or just plain excitement about joining me for this adventure then I would love to talk to you. Just let me know. 

I can share with you more about the program and also details about where we'll be staying. (It's totally awesome. And, yes, don't worry; you'll have your own bathroom).

Watch the video if you haven't already, and you'll get the idea. But heads up!'ll find this adventure to be nearly irresistible after watching the video!

Call us at 877-291-1990 or email, and my team will schedule a time for us to talk! 

Yours Truly,