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2023 Infinity Health Retreats are in the works! Stay tuned!

Explore the magical terrain of Taos, New Mexico or Asheville, North Carolina .... powered up by excellent nutrition, revitalizing yoga, restorative massage, and relaxation...This is the unbeatable life-enriching experience, and vacation, all in one!

Our aim is for you to take home as a sense of renewed health and empowered self-perspective. And an improved know-how for enabling your body (and mind) to thrive with the right diet, exercise, and lifestyle, in your day-to-day life.

A Day at The Infinity Retreat

  • 6:30 AM Hot chai, tea, or coffee

  • 7:00 AM Sunrise yoga in the yurt

  • 8:00 AM Breakfast with Billy's classic Infinity Green smoothie. You'll be delighted by the delicious, highly nutritious meals that will be prepared for you every day by a private chef.

  • 9:00-3:00 PM Hiking with a picnic lunch on the trail (including drive time)

  • 3:00 PM Rest hour

  • 4:00 PM Massage (2 per week), Nutrition Class, or Coaching session, with ample time to relax in the hot tub, contemplate in the labyrinth or gardens

  • 7:00 PM Dinner with your tribe

  • 8:00 PM Star gazing ;)

* There are some evenings during the week that we are especially excited about, but we don’t want to blow all the surprises! But you can bet on them being both fun and magical - really magical. You'll see.

In a little more detail...


After a great night’s sleep, we start the morning together to savor another classic New Mexico sunrise. And, of course, with hot chai.

Then it’s time for your daily yoga class in the magical setting of the great outdoors!

Once we're limbered up for an adventure-packed day it’s time for a wonderful home-cooked breakfast, including of course a revitalizing smoothie that Billy will make for you personally.

After breakfast, we’re out the door to embark on an adventure into "the land of enchantment," exploring some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

A big part of the program is hiking - we organize the hikes to accommodate all levels of fitness.

The key to making this possible is there will be three trail guides enabling everyone to hike at their own pace. It’s creating a balance between making the hikes both fun and challenging. As always, we’ll maintain that objective when determining the length and difficulty of the hikes.

A large element of what makes each of the hikes special is how you’re sharing these experiences with other great people. The camaraderie with other adventurers that share similar values is a powerful part of the Infinity Retreat. We will also visit some historic sites to take in the special heritage of the area.

After the hike, we return home, with feelings of achievement. And of course, an increased sense of awe, inspired by the magical landscapes of northern New Mexico.


And the day is not over yet! How about some time in the hot tub before your coaching session? Or enjoy one of your two massages?! Each day there will be time for you to simply relax and enjoy life.

Next, it's time for dinner. You’ll be delighted by the delicious, highly nutritious meals that will be prepared for you every day by a private chef.

After dinner, you’ll enjoy a special group activityThis will include taking some time to share together the things that are important for optimizing our health in both mind and body.

There are some evenings during the week that we are especially excited about, but we don’t want to blow all the surprises! You can bet on them being both fun and magical - really magical. You'll see...

Then, at the end of the day, after having a final gander at the stars (which are amazing in the clear skies of Northern New Mexico), it’s bedtime to recharge for yet another day filled with the magic and adventures of the Infinity Retreats.

Yoga classes

Led by Lisa Varno (E-RYT 200, YACEP) who has ten years of experience leading yoga for all ages and ability levels. Modifications will be offered throughout the class as a means to encourage all expressions of practice. Lisa also sprinkles in elements of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction within her classes.


Massage combined with hiking creates a powerful synergy. The therapeutic value of massage is a big part of what enables the body to thrive with hiking the adventurous terrain of Northern New Mexico. And the combination of massage and yoga makes the body much more limber with otherwise stiff joints and muscles. Naturally, rest and relaxation of the mind is a goal for the specialized massage that we provide, as well.

Integrative Health Coaching

You will also get one-on-one coaching with Lisa, a Certified Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine and Brown University, and her expertise is in helping people improve their lives through behavioral change. What Lisa has to share is powerful, and she knows how to make it a lot of fun, too.



The delicious, highly nutritious meals will be prepared for you every day by a private chef under Billy's guidance. All food served at Infinity Retreats is organic.

Sample Breakfast: oatmeal, berries, sprouted nuts & seeds, Billy's Infinity Greens smoothie, coffee & tea, Billy's Infinity Chai

Sample Lunch: hummus, avocado, greens, & sprouts on sprouted bread, Billy's Infinity Protein Bars, Billy's Infinity Keto Bars, Billy's Infinity Green Bars, Billy's sprouted almonds & seeds, apple or banana

Sample Dinner: broiled salmon, Indian curried rice, raw veggie sauces, fresh garden salad, olive oil & vinegar

Note: We will not be serving beef, pork, chicken, wheat flour, processed sugar, or dairy. Just the superior foods!

Is this program right for me?

Are you super athletic and love strenuous hikes in the great outdoors? If yes, then the Infinity Retreat is for you. Whatever your level of fitness, this adventurous week will greatly enhance your overall health. Remember the Infinity Retreat is much more than hiking. Tie in the powerful combination of yoga, superior diet, camaraderie with great people, and simply time in the beautiful land of Northern New Mexico - now we're talking some major benefits. At the Infinity Retreat we're going for full-body health, making health of the mind just as big of a priority, too.

Overweight? Well, this program is for you, too. The Infinity Retreat is fit to accommodate all ability levels, whether you're shooting for a ten mile hike up to a mountaintop of thirteen thousand feet, or just a short walk in the forest. Either way, we will make it work for you. There is no better way to make the changes in your life it will take to achieve the health that you feel is in your best interest. Go for it for a full week with your supportive team at the Infinity Retreat, and you will return home with the know-how and motivation to continue the powerful journey.

Average fitness and looking for a boost? A life enriching experience? Aspiring to take your health to a new level? Well then, this program is definitely for you! Just come as you are. Open minded and ready for a brilliant life experience. 

Your Facilitators


Natural health has always been a passion for Billy Merritt.

For over 17 years now, Billy and his team have continued to work diligently on providing a superior health retreat experience.

During his free time, Billy maintains an active lifestyle and gets much use out of his degree in Wilderness Education.

He has led detox and weight-loss courses in Thailand, and at the world-renowned Ashram health retreat in Malibu, CA.

Billy also serves as an EMT climber for Yosemite Search and Rescue, a rock climbing guide in Joshua Tree National Park, and as a guide for wilderness survival courses in the Colorado Rockies.

Putting your health first, Billy is committed to continuing his quest to educate himself and the rest of the world with the purpose of global well-being, exploring the intricate link between health and nature involving 30+ day treks through Nepal, India, Africa, Alaska, Thailand, Mexico, and the Amazon.

Billy is also the founder of the Infinity Greens superfoods.


Lisa Varno grew up in the Catskill Mountains of New York, which nurtured the creative and contemplative parts of herself from an early age. The deep love she found for both creativity and contemplation led her to center her life in music, yoga, and meditation. Lisa is a lifelong singer and pianist, and she earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Gordon College and a Master of Music in Music Education from The Hartt School, University of Hartford. Lisa taught choral music and general music in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania public schools for over a decade and directed numerous choruses ranging in size from ten singers to 300. She is the founding director of the Martha’s Vineyard Children’s Chorus.

Lisa’s contemplative practice began during her childhood days of observing nature’s beauty during long car rides. She later explored the contemplative Quaker tradition and has experienced silent retreats at SSJE, an Episcopal monastery in Cambridge, MA and Karma Choling, a Shambala Buddhist Center in Barnet, VT. After several years of yoga practice, Lisa was moved to pursue a more in-depth study in order to share with her colleagues and community members. Her yoga teaching experience has ranged from private in-home classes to classes in studios, fitness centers, schools, businesses, retreat centers, and outdoors, with students ranging from pre-teens to seniors.

Lisa transitioned from public school teaching to offer music, yoga, and meditation classes on Martha’s Vineyard. In Vermont, she created a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction curriculum for participants at Confluence Behavioral Health, a wilderness therapy retreat center in Thetford, VT. In addition to receiving MBSR training at UMASS Medical School & Brown University, Lisa is an Integrative Health Coach Trained at Duke Integrative Medicine and offers Integrative Health Coaching in Asheville, NC, where she is currently based.

Lisa Varno is MMEd, E-RYT, YACEP certified.


Home base is the beautiful, magical, charming Blue Sky Retreat in the mountains outside of Taos, New Mexico.

Taos is a land of beauty and grace. Prepare for the awe-some!

How to get there (flights, airport transfers, buses, trains)

You'll be picked up at the Albuquerque Airport (ABQ) after which all transportation, food, yoga classes, massages (2), and accommodations are covered.

Transportation to daily hikes will be provided by Blue Sky Retreat via 15-passenger vans.

What to bring

The idea is to bring what you need to optimize your comfort, bearing in mind that not packing too heavy is actually part of what preserves it.

Starting ground up…

  • Footwear, and this is the most important. First and foremost you need to be equipped with a good pair of hiking boots - something solid that provides a balance between comfort and support. This is not just trail running shoes.

    There is a huge variety of different levels of hiking boots in terms of weight and support. At least some ankle support is essential. You know your body best, but bear in mind that you want to choose a boot that helps preserve the security of your ankles. Definitely, no sprained ankles allowed (knock on wood!). Wear any new boots for a couple weeks to soften them up. Just remember that we’re going to do a lot of hiking, making reliable footwear a priority. Hooray for the benefits of being properly equipped and ready to go.

  • Trekking poles can be helpful and we recommend them.

  • Rain Jacket - this is also super high priority and needs to be something high-quality. Northern New Mexico has the southern rocky mountains which can provide the most unpredictable weather. There are plenty of days that the weather forecast predicts only sunshine, yet in the afternoon we’ll get the unexpected rain, thankfully with the epic rainbows after. Classic northern New Mexico. This means more than just a windbreaker. Your jacket needs to have a hood and be rainproof with gore-tex or something similar.

  • Hat - We strongly recommend a good hat for sun protection.

  • Sunscreen


Temperatures are likely to vary from mid-50's and 70's, depending on what hike we are doing and the time of day.

For fabric that is against skin we always choose natural materials like wool and cotton. We're not huge fans of polyester for a number of reasons, no matter how fast it dries. We strongly recommend light colored fabrics especially in the warmer months.

  • Socks - something made of high quality, mid-weight wool. A brand we recommend is smart-wool. Bring a few pairs.

  • Shirts - For hiking and day to day use, we'd suggest light-weight merino wool shirts - both long and short-sleeve. Icebreaker is a brilliant brand. Super comfortable, great for wicking moisture, and seldom do they stink even after wearing them for several days.

  • A warm fleece or sweater - The goal will be to spend a lot of our time outdoors, even in the morning and evening. Having a couple warm layers will make even the cool temperatures quite nice.

    The main thing is comfort and breathability. Fashion isn’t so high on the priority list.

  • Pants - go with your liking. No need to worry about rain pants.

  • Bathing Suit - If you want to take a dip in the hot tub! (Pool closed in October)

  • Backpack - I suggest a solid but lightweight daypack for the hikes. You may be carrying up to a couple liters of water, plus snacks, plus a rain jacket. Some of the more robust camel-back backpacks are good. The small ones are not so good since you’ll be carrying more than just water. The main objective, however, is to stay hydrated.

  • Two water bottles - you’ll be provided good water for drinking! Infinity standards, of course!

Plain and simple...

Our intention is for you to gain something special from your Infinity Retreat experience; something that lasts, including a renewed sense of mind-body health with an empowered self-perspective. It's true that living a truly superior lifestyle creates a quality of life for which no one has ever regretted spending the time and effort. So think of the Infinity Retreat as an investment in yourself. And we can promise you this - you will gain something of extraordinary value that will enrich your life on a long-term basis.

If you have any doubts, questions, or just plain excitement about joining this adventure, then call 877-291-1990 or you can email us at

PS. Watch the video if you haven't already, and you'll get the idea of what the one-of-a-kind Infinity Retreat is all about.



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