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Mastering the quarantine diet

I've been reflecting on this topic since there's quite a buzz in the world about stocking up on food in order to save from making frequent trips to the store. All things considered, I do feel this has valid reason. 

Now I want to make this simple. 

First, use this experience as an opportunity for stocking your pantry with the truly health enriching foods that really do belong there in the first place - we're talking about the foods that make you stronger, resilient to disease, and energized. And more than ever, this is an opportunity to clear the riff-raff from your diet. Ironically, many people are stocking up on a relentless amount of processed foods like pasta, bread, chips, crackers, canned soups, cereal, bottled drinks, and processed sugar. Let's not make downgrades like this.

Below is my very simple punch-list of the essential foods (for extraordinary health) to stock in your home, and these are, in fact, the foods that comprise the majority of my diet, which I do believe is the primary factor of why my health is in great condition. You may also know that I'm a major advocate of maintaining a more simplified diet, and you will discover with my recipes ways to make these foods truly enjoyable. 

Take note that these are largely dry goods that have a long shelf-life and also foods that can be frozen. Remember this is to save from making frequent trips to the store. 

These are the super-simplified essentials that anyone can thrive on:

- jasmine white rice (yes, white rice. I talk in my book about why this rice is generally better than brown rice. Quinoa is fine, but I do feel rice is better - a food proven for millennia.)

- rolled oats (not presweetened oatmeal packets)

- Coconut oil, for cooking. 

- Fruit for smoothies that you can freeze (again for the purpose of avoiding frequent trips to the store): My preference for smoothie fruits includes: bananas, berries, and pears.

- Sure, purchase fruit like apples and oranges, but keep in mind that these are fruits that are undesirable once frozen; although they can last when refrigerated up to a few weeks. 

- Leafy greens, and as you know, my advice is always the darker the better. For nutritive value and versatility in recipes, my first picks are spinach and kale. I steam either of them into my rice for dinner every evening. For this purpose these two green foods freeze extremely well. One tip that makes them incredibly user friendly is to take your frozen greens out of the freezer and crush it up with your hands right away. Breaking it down into small pieces for adding to your steaming pot of rice takes literally seconds, rather than chopping it which takes much longer. 

- eggs. They have a much longer shelf life than advertised. 

- My advice is to skip dairy which has a short shelf life, and, from a health perspective, dairy is not really doing anyone any good, to begin with. I talk all about it in my book, Infinity Health Manual. Ghee is ok, but I prefer coconut oil.

- Lentils - green or red.

- Salmon, frozen - the superior choice for fish. Always choose wild-caught sockeye or king, not farm raised 'atlantic' salmon. I say, use this opportunity of reprioritizing your health to skip all other animal protein, for now.

- Spices, of course. We're not talking bottles sauces, dips, and dressings. Pick your natural favorites in order to make the above foods interesting. Indian curry powder is my favorite.

- optional: sprouted wheat bread. The fact is the world uses a crazy amount of bread. I personally use very little since I'm on a lower gluten diet, but I'm not hardcore about being gluten free. I do, however, strongly advise against any food with wheat flour, 'whole wheat flour' or not. Again, you can read the Infinity Health Manual to find out why. Real rye bread that is wheat free is good and has an extremely long shelf life. Either way, use this opportunity to skip wheat flour.

As you know, I'm a huge advocate for having a smoothie every morning for many important reasons.  

Keep stocked on the below for smoothies (see my number one favorite recipe down below): 

- the frozen fruits that I recommended above

Infinity Greens for comprehensive nutrients and full body health.

Infinity-C for optimizing immunity.

Infinity Protein for building and maintaining lean muscle.

And of course keep stocked up on these: 

Infinity Sprouted Nuts and Seeds for premium unprocessed oils, protein, and increased bioavailability of nutrients due to the sprouting process. 

Infinity Bars for getting your extra daily doses of Infinity Greens, C, and protein. 

- Infinity Chai - need I mention the benefits of having a hot drink with superior nutrition first thing in the morning? 

Now are you ready for my recipes to make all of the above foods delicious and truly interesting? Click here.

Use this opportunity to hone the diet for yourself that, unquestionably, will enable your health to thrive - a priority now more than ever.

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