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Austin Merritt healed from stage 4 cancer


Could there be a consciousness behind it all? An invisible hand involved with everything that we do? A God? A Great Spirit? This is question that I approach with deep humility. 

While my faith has been tested by challenges in life, I do believe in a higher power. And the power of prayer, too. But just how to pray is my lifelong quest.

After you watch this powerful video I invite you to visit Austin's website below and learn the story, the miracle, that has stirred a new faith, awe, and hope into the hearts of many.

Healed of stage 4 cancer


And check it out. Austin speaks at Lakewood Church at 0:57 and Joel Osteen at 1:11. Whether you have or haven't listened to Joel Osteen before I encourage you to play this video. Joel has always brought me supportive inspiration.

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