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Behind the scenes at Infinity Greens

Dear Reader, 

I'd like to take this first-time opportunity to share with you what's behind the scenes of Infinity Greens to assure that you really are getting the most health enhancing (and reliable) products on the market. 

As you know, the purpose of the Infinity Superfoods boils down to supporting longevity and enhancing the overall enjoyment of life with a healthier mind and body. Every superfood ingredient that comprises the Infinity formulas improves the performance of a specific organ and function of the body. This statement is founded upon many thousands of hours of research and trial and error.

​​​​The three keys that make each of the Infinity Superfoods profoundly beneficial and truly in a league of their own are purity, potency, and precision. Below I'll explain just what it takes in order to keep this guarantee. 

Purity (to me this is the most important)

The tough fact is that within the overwhelmingly huge market of supplements the regulations of quality control aren't truly adequate for preventing ingredients from getting through the cracks that actually aren't so healthy; even so much that they can actually have the opposite effect. This is where I'd like to start since your well-being really is my number one focus. My team and I truly do everything it takes in order to provide the most pure and reliable ingredients. Based on my nineteen years of experience in the health industry I truly believe we have the highest standards that go way beyond just making sure that our ingredients are organic, non-gmo, and gluten free. And even until today my team has pioneered new ways to assure that we really are using the very purest superfood ingredients in the world.

First, every time a fresh batch of an ingredient comes from our growers, we require that a Certificate of Analysis is included verifying the ingredient has been tested to be free of the more common contaminants, including pesticides, radiation, foreign chemicals, mold, bacteria, metals, and ash, to name just a few. This is industry standard, but like I mentioned, due to the large expanse of the market, these tests may not always be so reliable. Starting here is actually what first sets the Infinity Superfoods at a far superior standard - upon arrival, ingredients are tested in-house. Believe it not, very often, ingredients do not pass the stringent tests.

Also in-house, is tested potential emission of radiation including alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. We're testing for impurities that others simply don't, yet again putting the Infinity Superfoods far above the industry standards. And of course any time an ingredient is identified that doesn't meet my stringent requirements it doesn't end up in any of the Infinity formulas.

But, even still, this already stringent testing and quality control is actually only the beginning! 

With every batch of ingredients is completed a new in-house nutrition analysis in order to test for any potential degradation due to lack of freshness. This is the big advantage to sourcing our ingredients in small quantities from local sources - we're talking straight from the farmers themselves as much as possible. Supplement companies producing the significantly large volumes of products that source ingredients from the big supply chains have no way to maintain anything close to what we do in terms of quality control. Personally I don't feel any need to go big like this! I'd rather go 'big' in terms of quality to support those like you that truly 'get it' in terms of improving their health and what it takes to do it.

I'd like to emphasize the vitally important aspect of having close relationships with our suppliers of ingredients. In order to assure these trustworthy relationships, prior to purchasing ingredients, suppliers with whom we have our stringent audits (that I explained above) are required to demonstrate that they maintain ultra-clean facilities, the drying practices we require, and their own certifications. And taking it yet again even further, we make sure that they maintain pure and rich soils for environmental sustainability. In my mind, for the purpose of superior quality ingredients, it's even important how they take care of their very own farmers. 

Also vitally important is the Infinity formulas are bottled in amber glass with a rubber-sealed metal lid and oxygen absorber technology - never PVC plastic. It's worth taking notice that most supplements are in fact bottled in plastic. Why? Because it's cheap. The cost? Your health. How? Plastic is a petroleum product with many toxic binders that leach toxic gas. Try this experiment - empty a plastic supplement bottle and wash it with soap and water. Dry it, seal it, and then open it up a few hours later. Now take a whiff. Well? Smells pretty weird doesn't it. Now imagine foods you're ingesting every day that have been stored in this gassy environment. Glass is the only way to go for assuring true purity. Nothing toxic will ever be associated with my formulas. Your health is far too valuable to me.

Even still, what I have shared above is the nutshell version of to what degree we take it in order to make sure you truly are getting the very purest superfoods in the world. Indeed, a tall claim, and we do whatever it takes to get there.


Each of the Infinity formulas are blends of the most health enhancing plant foods known. I'm using only ingredients that have a history of proving that they are real-deal. I'll share one example: consider blue-green algae that has been in the human diet for thousands of years, and for excellent reason. There’s no match for the nutrient content of algae which includes transformative levels of chlorophyll, and vital nutrients such as beta-carotene, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium.

On the other hand, competing 'superfoods' use wheatgrass as the primary ingredient instead of algae. This is nuts! Wheat grass has only been used since the 70's. The buzz about wheat grass was that it’s “greens for pennies”. I consider wheat grass the processed sugar of superfoods. It's irritating to the gastrointestinal system essentially making the body weaker over time. On top of that, grass has nowhere near the nutritive value of algae. Why are the competitors using it? To save money. Boo. To heck with that! All of the plant ingredients that comprise Infinity Superfoods have been clinically proven to provide significant health-enhancing benefits. I wouldn't use anything that has not. 

It's also important to note that all superfoods that comprise the Infinity Superfoods are organically grown or harvested from the wild to assure maximum nutrient density. Once harvested these ingredients are immediately dried at low temperatures to preserve these vital nutrients. Then for maximum nutrient absorption these superfoods are blended into the finest powder possible. This is how the Infinity Superfoods dissolve in water without the all-too-common grainy texture.


Now here's where I'll share a secret why Infinity Superfoods are truly mastered in terms of precision (which unlocks potency) unlike any other supplement you'd find at your store or on the web. I had the very special opportunity to craft a new batch of formulas every week at the Ashram Health Retreat where I worked for ten years as a nutritionist and trainer. During this one-week program thirteen guests would take these formulas every day. At the end of each week I had the invaluable opportunity to get reports from the guests as to how impactful they experienced the formulas to be.

Then the following week I would make adjustments to the formulas in terms of adding more or less of each of the superfood ingredients. You see, the true potential of superfoods is enhanced as they become stronger catalysts for one another. For example, the blend of ginger and cayenne (which are already great, as they are) stimulates the spleen in order to enhance the absorption of the nutrients from the other superfoods. Another example is the sprouted chia seeds which provide essential fatty acids for absorption of fat soluble nutrients. Essentially, there is a synergy taking place here, and it's a matter of getting it just right.

Through these hundreds of batches that I personally blended I was able to discover the precise measurements in order to unlock the greatest potential of each of the ingredients. Wow, what an advantage this was for optimizing the formulas! I'd like to take a moment to share how grateful I am for such a golden opportunity. Big thank you to the Ashram (especially Cat and Rosemary), and the Ashram guests too! The simple fact is the Infinity Superfoods would not be what they are without you. And what an honor that the Ashram continues to serve the Infinity Superfoods every single day.

Truly, I believe the Infinity Superfoods have become a very important part of making the Ashram experience so profoundly health enhancing. The fact that the guests are able to do so much physical activity over the course of the week and undergo such a significant reboot of their health and vitality reflects highly on the Infinity Superfoods. 

Lastly, I'd like to emphasize the awesome value of the Infinity Superfoods. If you were to purchase these superfood ingredients separately to mix yourself, you’d pay hundreds of dollars - not to mention you would get nowhere near the same potency. Take the flagship formula, Infinity Greens, as an example: the fact that you’re getting a month’s supply of all these high-impact superfoods for less than $70, makes Infinity Greens an extraordinary value. The fact that you're spending only $2 per day (or actually less if you purchase more than just one bottle each time) for the most health enhancing supplement ever to exist (in my honest opinion) is amazing! 

So there you have it. The bottom line is, any superfood product that has my name on it is going to be of ultimate purity, potency, and precision (and of greatest value) with no compromise, ever! This is why I am so very confident the Infinity Superfoods can do something extraordinary for your health like they have done for thousands of others. This is also why I give you my guarantee that you will be not only satisfied with your health investment, but also very impressed by the benefits you will experience when taking the Infinity Superfoods every day. 

Over the last nineteen years, the Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of the tribe. If you've had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass the word to your friends and family, or even better, give them Infinity products to try so they can experience the brilliance of what they're all about. 

Lastly, I appreciate that you read my newsletters! It simply gives me reason to do it. 

Yours truly, and at your service always,

Billy Merritt 

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