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Essentials For Unlocking Your Potential

Hi Friend, 

Below are the essentials (extracted from my book, Infinity Health Manual) that I have watched transform the health of thousands.

Over the past 200,000 years… 

The average way of life has shifted from that of the nomadic rockstars to couch-potato enthusiasts (not you), with the rise of settled communities and office chairs.

…a far cry from the constant movement our physical bodies are genetically adapted to.

The adage, “Use it or lose it”…  

We live in an age with increased rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. About half of all American adults—117 million individuals—have one or more preventable chronic diseases…

While a healthy diet lays the foundation, the key to reclaiming and establishing our innate health lies in regular physical activity.

(If you are part of the super fit minority, then ‘hooray’; the world could use some inspiration!)

What you'll get:

  • Beyond just losing weight, exercise strengthens muscles, supports joints, and fortifies the spine.
  • Exercise boosts metabolism, reducing stored body fat and promoting leanness. A major plus for the 72% of Americans who need it. Yes, that's right. 72% of Americans qualify as overweight. No status quo for you!
  • Exercise enhances circulation. Remember the heart is a muscle, and like all other muscles it gets stronger with exercise. 
  • Exercise ensures vital nutrients and oxygen are circulated throughout the body to reach every organ… Hard to beat (no pun intended) when it comes to longevity.
  • Exercise reduces (and often eliminates) everyday aches and pains by strengthening core muscles and promoting faster healing.
  • Exercise is, more often than not, an antidote to the physical quirks and tics caused by modern sedentary habits.



  • Stress Reduction: Exercise has proven stress-reducing effects, offering a unique mental and emotional reset.
  • Sense of Achievement: Regular physical activity builds self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Connection with Nature: Outdoor exercises, like hiking (my favorite), provide an opportunity to get your vitamin D and connect with the natural world.


Hiking as a Comprehensive Solution:

  • Combining sustained aerobic activity with load-bearing anaerobic exercises (walking up and down hills) is unbeatable for a balanced fitness routine. 
  • Hiking over uneven terrain, with its natural blend of cardio and strength training, mirrors the movements of our ancestors.
  • Enough said.


Professional Trainers:

I can’t recommend them highly enough! 

  • Learn to use free weights as a superior alternative to machines for a more impactful workout.
  • Emphasizes core and lower-body exercises for ‘productive’ overall strength.
  • A trainer's guidance ensures variety in exercises, preventing monotony which slows results.


Diverse Physical Activities:

  • Beyond gym workouts, activities like brisk walking, sports, and dancing can be enjoyable alternatives.
  • Or what about a yoga class?
  • Increased intimacy with a partner is an effective way to improve stamina and overall health.


Remember the Intersection of Exercise and Diet:

  • Exercise and diet are inseparable components of overall health, complementing each other. 
  • Neglecting diet can zap the energy needed for physical activity. No missing out on the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and exercise!


Overcoming Initial Hurdles:

  • It’s ok to acknowledge the overwhelm, but take small steps – even a few hours of exercise per week will yield significant benefits. What are you up to later? Got 20 mintues?
  • Committing to a schedule with a trainer is another attribute that makes working with a trainer invaluable.
  • The leap into regular physical activity is an investment in health, happiness, and longevity. Could there be a better way to spend your resources? Go for it, and after just a few weeks you will notice a solid difference. 
  • Feeling short on time to squeeze it into your day? Might I suggest that exercise, in the end, makes time, rather than takes it? 


Transformation awaits…

Embark on the journey to a stronger, healthier YOU by embracing the power of exercise as a cornerstone of your well-being. You’ve got this, Billy.


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