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Brain Health Part 2 - Diet

There's no debating that the health of your brain largely determines the quality of your life - it's responsible for your mood, memory, thinking, problem solving, communicating with others, and longevity, to name a few. And so improving these invaluable parts of our lives deserves as much of our care as anything. The good news is the health of your brain can be improved at any stage of your life, making this information important for everyone.

The goals of the brain health workshops include:

- Alzheimer's prevention (relevance is due to cases more than doubling within the last ten years, making the risk 50% once into your 80's)

- Mood and energy enhancement 

- Improved stress management 

- Improved mental clarity and sharper focus

- Linking brain health and immune health

- And weight-loss relative to brain health


Even if you feel you are already healthy, I guarantee you this information will still benefit your life!

Yours Truly, 


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