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Podcast with Tamar Medford

Sharing my favorites with Tamar Medford, a performance consultant, life coach, best-selling author, and champion for people in recovery. Enjoy!

As always, in every way possible, there is the opportunity to improve our health… more and more to cut back on the things in life that don't offer us improvement: unhealthy food, stressors, things that interfere, to be replaced with the right foods, the life enriching lifestyle - a solid practice of self-improvement that by nature will bring us greater joy, life-force, sense of well-being and makes the body more resilient to disease, and of course everything in the body just lasts longer.

So, if you feel so called, pass this along to your friends. Let’s motivate together on taking this journey for the sake of living our lives to the full potential…we’re doing it for our own wellbeing but also for everyone else's, too, and even the generations to come…naturally making us to be a positive influence in a world that needs it.

Yours Truly,

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