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Taking a LEAP beyond limitation! ūüí™ [Podcast]

Have you ever thought about taking stock of your unique strengths, gifts, and talents? A question you've truly given some real focus? 

And could there be actual steps (tried and true) to discover where exactly you're fit to shine, perhaps in ways that you didn't even know?

From Jennie O'Connor, researcher, writer, teacher, and guide, I have learned that these questions, when pondered thoroughly, can actually carry great power. 

Jennie O'Connor is sharing with the world an innovative way to take bold creative risk when it comes to personal growth. For improvement of health, relationships, career, and the like, she has mapped out what I have found to be a brilliant course of action for this very purpose, and I want you to know about it! 

What I have gathered from Jennie has become an extremely useful and effective part of my daily routine, and I think you will too. 

In this very special Podcast, I'm hosting Jennie O'Connor so she can share all of this with you, herself! Prepare to listen to someone very passionate, knowledgeable, and who knows how to make all of this a lot of fun, too! 

PS. You can learn more about all that Jennie O'Connor is up to here:

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