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Taking charge over 'Quarantine 15'. How and why.

The challenge we need to address together with COVID-19 is we are being pushed and pulled in mind and body like never before. 

One thing is very clear (and of course you know it): Your health needs to be the number one priority. Not just soon, but right now. 

As you know, diet and lifestyle massively determine your brain health, mood, energy, and life expectancy - and yes, definitely your immune system too. The fact is, studies show that we can prevent MOST cases of illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s — just by eating the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones!).

We're talking primarily about the unprocessed plant foods that make every organ, action, and function of your body operate at its optimal level. 

Now here’s something I want to alert you to - you’ve probably heard the new goofy term “quarantine fifteen” that’s referring to the many people now gaining some extra pounds around the waistline due partly to a less active lifestyle. Well, don’t let that be you! 

This is the critical thing to know about it…

The most common cause of this weight gain is an imbalance in the body’s chemistry. Inevitably the big ones right now are adrenaline and cortisol from stress. Sure, stress is commonly thought of as the boss riding us hard to meet deadlines. But the stress I’m talking about is essentially anything that puts strain on the mind. This includes worry, fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and even lack of sleep. Naturally it’s a challenge to not be under more stress than normal due to the pandemic.

The chain reaction potentially causing the weight gain is this - first, the stress causes more adrenaline. Then the body’s natural response to adrenaline is an increased craving of the foods that most quickly convert into glucose. This is because a burst of glucose gives the body a burst of energy needed for the adrenaline that comes to the rescue for the ‘fight or flight’ response that was more needed back in the day when we were chased by saber tooth tigers. If not immediately put to use, this burst of glucose is stored as fat in the body to be burned as fuel later. 

Foods that convert to glucose the fastest is what the body instinctively craves most. By far, number one is sugar. So if foods with sugar are around your home, more than ever, they will be hard to resist. We’re talking bottled drinks, baked foods, sauces, crackers, etc. The stress-sugar cycle then compromises life-force resulting in less motivation to exercise. And it's addicting.

The potential weight gain is actually the least of my concerns. Nutshell version of what happens - sugar is acid forming which causes inflammation everywhere throughout the body, especially on the cellular level. Metabolic waste and toxins from cells become difficult for the body to remove which then makes everything weaker and more vulnerable to the diseases mentioned above. And guess how much all of this can affect your immune system? 

The tough scenario is it’s been ingrained in our consciousness that these processed sugars aren’t necessarily a big deal. The fact is we’ve been lied to. Cycling these foods through your body on a routine basis wreaks havoc. 

The reset right now is critical. More than ever, ’depleted and weakened’ is not the way to be. Kicking into gear your own internal pharmacy and life-force is the mission here to make the many ailments to be no match for the powerful resilience of your healthy body.

Now understanding the above facts coupled with a little discipline is what it takes to crush this cycle. Now, more than ever, is the time for your health to shine. So clear the riff-raff from your pantry, follow the nutrition protocols of adding the right foods that I’ve shared with you (see below), and ramp up your home workout. Here’s how Martin Luther King said it - “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” So don’t wait - let’s do this today. You have the discipline. Read the labels of any packaged food in your pantry and refrigerator, and chuck it if it has sugar. And don’t allow it into your home again. 

All of the above is what my book, ‘Infinity Health Manual’ is about - and much more, too. And now, for that reason, during this global pandemic the electronic version of the Infinity Health Manual is available, free of charge (after you’re done reading this newsletter). By the way, there is a full chapter dedicated to sugar and just how to manage it in your life, and I have some good news that I think you'll be happy about.

As for the stress, I’m excited to share with you next week the simplest and most bang-for-your-buck protocols to reduce stress. But don’t wait to do the most obvious ones that are super effective - get some sunshine in your yard or at the park, spend time with people that make you happy, exercise your humor, and, yes, upgrade your diet and workout routine too. By the way, when it comes to spending time with friends, I feel that FaceTime and Zoom can be brilliant.  

The time for an upgrade to our routine is NOW. So let’s ramp it up! And consider this - you are more than likely WAY above average in terms of a healthy lifestyle; so be a shining example to your friends and family who need the understanding and motivation to ramp it up too. Supporting the health and wellbeing of other people is a brilliant opportunity for many reasons. And think about what that alone will do for your peace of mind. 

Ready, GO! 

Yours truly, and at your service always,

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