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(Audio version!) Infinity Health Manual: the essentials for longevity, weight-loss, and the mind...simplified. Plus announcements.

Dear Friend, 

I hope you enjoy the audio Introduction chapter of my book, Infinity Health Manual: the Essentials for Longevity, Weight-loss, and the Mind...Simplified. 

Published in 2017, the Infinity Health Manual is a fun, motivating, easy-to-comprehend handbook (on its way to becoming an audiobook!) for total health. It's a lifestyle book, covering diet, nutrition, and exercise. But mental and emotional health as well. It's about life force. It's about living at your peak - energized, empowered, and happy. As well as building a powerful resilience to disease and illness. Supporting your journey to get there is my mission.

As you may know I've devoted most of my adult life to the teaching of natural health and well-being at the Infinity Health Retreats as well as with one-on-one health coaching. The retreats and coaching have provided awesome opportunities to compare what dietary and lifestyle principles offer the most benefit, relative to the effort they require. 

Another important consideration is that personal development, when it comes to diet, exercise, and lifestyle, is not cookie cutter. We are all different.  And so are our needs. The good news is there are effective ways to discover what's best for you, yet today they are seldom utilized. I have watched the techniques that I will be sharing with you impact the lives of thousands of people over the past decade, and now I'm excited to share them with you. I hope you enjoy listening to my book and gain empowering benefits that make a real difference in your life.

What customers have to say:

"Billy truly knows his field. His own lifestyle is a testament to his expertise, and his sharing of that expertise through his book is a wonderful gift for anybody seeking a healthier, richer, fuller life."

—Dr Marc Darrow, MD, JD

"As a traditional naturopath for the last thirty years, I know that Billy’s understanding of health is not only impressive, but unique. He has honed important information that I have seen pay off in a very big way for the overall health and wellbeing of many people, my patients included."

—Dr. Judy Seeger, ND

Billy Merritt is a true health pioneer. This man walks his talk and lives the inspiration of vibrant health and wellness. This man has been through the fire with his own health challenges and following the natural principles outlined in the book he has emerged renewed, revitalized, and filled with a passion to share. When you pick up this book you will hold in your hands a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration, and health insights. Savor it, share it. Health is our birthright. It is time to take it back NOW!"

—Shawna Wen

"I began implementing Billy’s suggestions as soon as I read his book. I already feel better. His recommendations are easy to digest (no pun intended) and practical. I love how he combines his knowledge of science with lifestyle choices and emotional and spiritual health to share his experiences and improve the quality of life for his readers."

—Mathew Foster


Of course, there is a library of information out there in the world on how to become healthy, but the question is, what really works? What has the most impact? And what matters most for overall health when it comes to maintaining youth and resilience to disease? Finding these answers by putting dietary principles into practice has been an invaluable opportunity provided by the Infinity Health Retreats...

And, as you know, the awesome Infinity Health Retreat, May 21-27, is nearing! If you're feeling the desire for a life-enriching, health-enhancing (and fun!) adventure at a world-class destination, then this retreat is for you! I truly feel this special weeklong retreat here in the mountains outside of Asheville is among the few very best things you could ever do for yourself.

The tuition is $2350 which is the most amazing deal for the magnitude of awesomeness, sweetest accommodations (Bend of Ivy Lodge!), and personalized care you will experience during your week at the Infinity Health Retreat.

* Book your week with a friend or mate, and as an Easter Weekend Gift we can knock an extra 10% off. That's just $352 per day for an invaluable experience that will enrich your quality of life on a long term basis. 


Are you asking yourself "is this program right for me?"

Whatever your level of fitness, this adventurous week will greatly enhance your overall health. Remember the Infinity Retreat is much more than hiking. Tie in the powerful combination of yoga, superior diet, camaraderie with great people, and simply time in the beautiful land of southern Appalachia - now we're talking some major benefits. At the Infinity Retreat we're going for full-body health, making health of the mind a big priority, too.

The Infinity Retreat is fit to accommodate all ability levels, whether you'd like to hike ten miles or just take a short walk in the forest. Either way, we will make it work for you. 

A Day at The Infinity Health Retreat

  • 6:30 AM Hot chai, tea, or coffee

  • 7:00 AM Sunrise yoga with Ruth Morrow

  • 8:00 AM Breakfast with Billy's classic Infinity Green smoothie. You'll be delighted by the delicious, highly nutritious meals that will be prepared for you every day by a Katie Fiore.

  • 9:00-3:00 PM Hiking with a picnic lunch on the trail (including drive time)

  • 3:00 PM Rest hour

  • 4:00 PM Nutrition Class, or Coaching session, with ample time to relax at the beautiful Bend of Ivy Retreat, abundant with creeks, ponds, labyrinth, and spectacular overlooks.

  • 7:00 PM Dinner with your tribe

  • 8:00 PM evening meditation, nutrition and health classes, stargazing

* There are some evenings during the week that we are especially excited about, but we don’t want to blow all the surprises! But you can bet on them being both fun and magical - really magical. Rumor is they involve music ;)

The comfy, beautiful, charming, and magical Bend of Ivy Lodge

The comfy and charming Bend of Ivy Lodge nestled on 63-acres of beautiful property with stunning views of the Blue Ridge mountains is a truly wonderful place. Though it has all the amenities you need to feel comfy and cozy, the nature all around the property makes you feel a thousand miles away from everything. Check out photos on the webpage.


Infinity Retreat Diet

The delicious, highly nutritious meals will be prepared for you every day by Chef Katie Fiore. Katie found her passion for cooking early in life, and attended The New England Culinary Institute of Vermont. She loves finding new ways to make the healthiest food approachable and delicious, including helping clients who live with a restricted diet.

So get ready to thrive on the Infinity Retreat diet; vegetarian, plant based and free of wheat flour, processed sugar, and dairy. Just the superior foods! 


What clients have to say:

" One of the best things about it is the kind of people that Billy brings together. Everyone is like-minded. I've never been on anything that is a great group of people. And Billy puts the experience to a level that you would never do on your own. " Dianne S.

" For me the Infinity Retreat is a total reset - an opportunity to get away from the day-to-day stresses of life and gain a refreshed perspective that I didn't know I needed. It was so fun to share this week with other people who share similar values. "  Laura J.

" Being part of a group like this for one week brought me a renewed peace of mind and joy. I'm all in for the future retreats! "  Brent B.

So that's it. The motive of the Infinity Health Retreat is for you to gain something special that will boost the quality of your life; something that lasts, including a renewed sense of mind-body health with an empowered self-perspective. It's true that living a truly superior lifestyle creates a quality of life for which no one has ever regretted spending the time and resources. So think of the Infinity Retreat as an investment in yourself. And I can promise you this - you will gain something of extraordinary value that will enrich your life on a long-term basis.

Go for it with me and my supportive team (and eleven other really cool people like you) at the Infinity Health Retreat, and you will return home with the know-how and motivation to continue the powerful journey. Just come as you are. Open minded and ready for a brilliant life-enriching experience

If you're feeling it, then call my team on Monday, and let's get you all booked up! 877-291-1990


Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend! 

Yours Truly, and here for you always,

Billy Merritt 


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