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Essentials for your immune health, simplified.

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The fact is, your immune system is so very important for your overall health and longevity - a very basic to enjoying a good quality of life. 

And, naturally, pre-holidays there's an added buzz about this important topic. 

Diet, exercise, sunshine, and stress management - it's all connected to your immune system. One of the greatest benefits of living a healthy way of life is your body becomes more resilient to virtually any kind of disease or illness.

While there's no guarantee you'll never feel under-the-weather, I can assure you that your body's immune system can become much stronger by just a few simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. The body is commonly underestimated when it comes to its innate ability to prevent illness. We live in a society where often the first recourse is to turn to modern medicine to fix what's ailing us. But a body well-taken care of has an extraordinary ability to take care of itself. A strong immune system generated via a top-notch lifestyle is always the body's preferred remedy.

Consider that rather than the immune system being an actual object in the body it's more of an intelligence woven throughout the body that works hand-in-hand with the neurological system. The intelligence of the immune system is truly awesome, given it has the potential to fight off any invasive disease. Even including cancer.

 The Essentials

During the past few years the world has begun to look at vitamin C in a new light due to the fact that vitamin C is clinically proven to be essential for a healthy immune system. We are talking about vitamin C from pure foods - not ascorbic acid, a synthetic vitamin C often in supplements which, used long term, can actually do more harm than good. Good plant sources that we generally have regular access to include strawberries, papaya, oranges, and dark greens like kale and mustard spinach (have you tried my famous raw kale pesto recipe?). The very highest sources of vitamin C include acerola cherry, alma berry, and camu berry. Providing access to these superfoods, that can otherwise be hard to find, is the purpose of the Infinity-C drink mix and capsules. 

Vitamin D is important too. That's where sunshine plays a vital role. Fifteen minutes out in the sun, in the middle of the day, with sleeves rolled up is generally all it takes. Of course, with sun exposure, it's a balance - not too much and not too little. (Getting the right amount of sun for general health is a topic I cover extensively in my book, Infinity Health Manual.)

It's worth noting that vitamin D production in the body can become less efficient with age - a reason that taking a vitamin D supplement may be worth considering for seniors. Note - many vitamin D supplements are made from lambskin which I find not so desirable. Check the product label to make sure it's a vegetarian source. These products are made from lichen and are generally sold as a liquid form in a dropper bottle. All factors considered, taking a high quality vitamin D supplement during the winter due to less sun exposure can offer some benefit for anyone. 

Zinc is another one. The best plant sources include pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and dark chocolate. Interestingly red meat has zinc, but an increased risk of heart disease and cancer comes with it. So I suggest opting primarily for the plant sources. Zinc supplements are generally ok, but only on a short term basis since zinc supplements are not extracted from food - not so favored by your liver when taken long term. However, if you're feeling under the weather or have been exposed to someone else who's not feeling so hot, then I suggest taking it for a few days. 

Other supplements that can offer immune support include echinacea(to be taken only short term), elderberry, goldenseal, and astragalus root (included in Infinity-C).

Equally important to getting the right nutrients is reducing the foods in your diet that can weaken immune system including processed sugar, low-grade animal protein (need I mention sausage, bacon, and ground beef?), wheat flour, processed oils (safflower, canola, palm, and hydrogenated vegetable oils), fried food, and obviously anything artificial. These foods trigger inflammation that reduces blood flow resulting in everything in the body to become weaker, and of course that includes the immune system. 

Keeping your body warm is also a factor for the immune system. Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, dress warm when you're out - easy. And enjoy the hot drinks - assuming they're not loaded in sugar. Naturally this is part of the benefit of Infinity Chai

Gut health is a big part of your immune system too. Naturally the quality of your diet determines the quality of your digestive health. The basics? Cut the obvious riffraff.  Up your soluble fiber from plant foods. Regularly include raw sauerkraut and kimchi in your diet for the healthy bacteria. This is the purpose of a probiotic supplement too and is why it's part of the Infinity Greens formula

There's some psychology to it

There's another very important topic to address when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system: stress. Reducing stress for this purpose was a big part of my brain health workshops (you can view them here). The reality is stress is just a part of modern life, given the fact that we have a lot to think about on a routine basis. The stress hormone, cortisol that the body produces, on a short term basis, isn't a big deal since it's essentially a natural stimulant. But 'chronic cortisol' from chronic stress can have as negative of an effect on your immune system as a poor diet. This I also explain in my brain health workshops.


A vitally important part of reducing the effects of stress is exercise since exercise burns up cortisol. So the idea is to exorcise the cortisol, booting it out of the body to leave everything stronger in the end, including your natural ability to cope with stress in the future. Other tried and true remedies for stress? Invest in doing the things you love, assuming they offer benefit for your comprehensive well-being. And spend time with those whom you share mutual admiration, preferably with that hot drink in hand.

A truly healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to the immune system. The potential of the body's resilience to invasive diseases is massively underestimated. Improving your diet, including more exercise and sunshine, and mitigating stress is the recipe - plain and simple. 

Like we talked about, Infinity-C can provide a level of support to the immune system unlike anything else. This is why I'd like for you to give it a go if you haven't already. 

If you're new to Infinity-C then I know you might be asking, “What’s so special about the superfoods in Infinity-C?"

Infinity-C is a blend of the highest vitamin C superfoods known to man. Plain and simple, taking Infinity-C daily will strengthen your immune system - and the natural way with 1000mg of REAL vitamin C from organic and non-GMO plant foods. The important reason for getting your daily dose of vitamin C that comes exclusively from plant foods is for the 100% absorption.

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Other vitamin C products are comprised of ascorbic acid made from hydrolyzed corn which limits absorption to only 10-15%. Got a bottle of vitamin C in the pantry (other than Infinity-C)? Take a look at the nutrition facts panel and you'll see what I mean. Something that comes from genetically modified corn is nothing therapeutic.

Infinity-C, made purely from superfoods, has the vitamin C content of fourteen oranges, making it an incomparable immune-boosting powerhouse. Plus, Infinity-C contains zero grams of sugar and can be mixed with pure water for a delicious health drink. And Infinity-C is also available in capsules.

Did you know that vitamin C is actually about more than just fighting off the winter bug (as important as this is)? The National Library of Medicine lists vitamin C as a preventative for numerous invasive diseases including anemia, skin diseases, gum disease, and even cancer.

Additionally, antioxidants like vitamin C have a large impact on cardiovascular health. This is how vitamin C can have a significant influence on every part of your health since the organs in your body are all working together, right?

We live in a society where often the first recourse is to turn to western medicine, to depend on drugs to ‘fix’ what’s ailing us. But a body well taken care of for the purpose of a strong immune system has an extraordinary ability to take care of itself. Infinity-C is dedicated to this very purpose.

Over the last nineteen years, the Infinity Superfoods and Retreats have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of the tribe. If you've had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass the word to your friends and family, or even better, give them Infinity products to try so they can experience the brilliance of what they're all about.  

Yours truly, and at your service always,
Billy Merritt 
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