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Happy to show you my favorite smoothie!

You know that I'm all about the "longevity and life-force diet". And my morning smoothie is a huge part of it. 

I've shared with you before that I’m a big believer in 'liquid nutrition', especially in the morning when your metabolic system is just kicking into gear. We're talking about something that's easy to digest and also hydrating.

Factoring that it sets the tone for the day, I believe this smoothie I make is, in essence, the most important meal of the day - and unquestionably a substantial part of my overall health. Now when I say "sets the tone"; what am I talking about? It affects my energy levels, sense of mental alertness, and even my mood. All really important stuff. 

I absolutely feel a HUGE difference whether or not I have had my daily smoothie. If I even go one day without it then I don’t feel quite the same. And I have also had the opportunity to see how this daily smoothie influences the health of others, during my days of teaching nutrition at the Ashram and Infinity Health Retreats. 

So here's the recipe: One banana in the blender with a cup of water, a few ice cubes, one round tablespoon raw almond butter, two tablespoons Infinity Protein, one tablespoon Infinity Greens, and one tablespoon Infinity-C. 

Now you know how easy it is! And powerful.

Ok, and now, as a 'thanks' for visiting my website I'm happy to share this coupon code that you can use for FREE SHIPPING (in the US), but, heads up, it's only valid for this weekend!

CODE: smoothies4life!

I hope you have an awesome rest of your day, my friend!


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