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Dear Friend, 

Naturally, for everyone, January is a special month (for more reasons than my birthday...woohoo, turned 45 on the 19th!)

January being the first month of the year, it boils down to this...there's no better time to upgrade the quality of your day-to-day lifestyle than right now.

First, aspiring to improve life experience is in our genes. Second, the human mind favors new beginnings. This is a powerful combination.

Not feeling like 'the ball is rolling' for 2022 to be your best year yet? (Well, good news...January has 31 days.) 

Or feeling the pressure, 'it's time to get this show on the road' because 'time is ticking'? What do you say we cash in these old adages with something better like... 

"My greatest days are ahead, and I'm giving it my best to make sure it will be that way." Powerful - a shift of perspective for better results. 

Am I great at thinking in these terms every day? Ha! Hardly. But I want to be. You've probably heard the saying "teach the things you want to get good at." 

I strive to think about life in these terms because it's tried and true for success - whatever that may be. And it's the way the people I look up to view life as well.

So here's an important step that's tried n' true: write down your goals for 2022.

Writing down goals is powerful since we’re visual learners. (What the eyes routinely see absolutely influences the subconscious - a fact worth considering for numerous reasons.)

So the question is, are you ready to make 2022 your best year?  (I'm feeling that 'yes', is a safe bet.)

Defining clear goals is a big part of making them happen. 

Here are some ideas to help define your goals for 2022: 

- Would you like 2022 to be the healthiest year of your life?

- Would you like to lean up your waistline? 

- Would you like to improve your diet? (need I say, Infinity Greens added to your daily routine, if you haven't already, would be huge?)

- Would you like to have more energy throughout your day? 

- Would you like to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

- Would you like to add more good-hearted humor to your day?

- Would you like to boost your self-image? 

- Would you like to join an Infinity Health Retreat?

These are suggestions; you can own em' or tweak em' to your liking. Write down your goals on a sheet of paper (script it so it's attractive to the eye), and post it somewhere you'll see it daily, like on your bathroom mirror.  

Remember, the 'giving it your best' attitude adds power to everything in your life - especially goals. And good news - your 'best' will become better. Always. 

Next week I am sending you the '2022 cheat-sheet' of diet tips that will, far-and-away, have the greatest benefit relative to the effort they take. So stay tuned! 

Lastly, note - Infinity Superfoods are in especially high demand right now, and never before have the top-sellers been on backorder for so long. 

But good news!... I am excited to announce that the flagship Infinity Greens is back in. For the Infinity Bars and Infinity-C formula, you can place your order now, and it will be prioritized for shipping as soon as our new batch arrives - likely in one to two weeks. 

Over the last 19 years, the Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of the tribe. If you've had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then spread the word to your friends and family, or even better, give them Infinity products to try so they can experience the brilliance of what they're all about. 

Yours truly, and at your service always, 

Billy Merritt and the Infinity Team

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