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It's simply been forgotten.

Dear Friend,

The potential wellbeing that is at our fingertips is no less than extraordinary. Under the shadow of the modern, less-than-healthy lifestyles, however, it’s simply been forgotten.

The reality is we live in an age with increased rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a plethora of autoimmune diseases. According to a study published in, about half of all American adults—117 million individuals—have one or more preventable chronic diseases, related to poor quality diet and low physical activity.

We’ve neglected the kind of diet and lifestyle that can make us truly strong and healthy. (I do believe the Infinity Superfoods can be a powerful part of the solution.) Physical, emotional, and mental stress put a collective strain on the organs and the nervous system, making the body and mind weaker. Aging is not as much a matter of time as it is the rate at which the body and mind are allowed to atrophy.

The concept of living the anti-aging lifestyle is truly legitimate. We’re talking about potential results that are not a fantasy. Like I talk about in my book, Infinity Health Manual, the scale to be defined of what’s possible is awesome.

Where I have gained an understanding of just what is possible within the intimate connection of health and lifestyle is at the Infinity Health Retreat in New Mexico and North Carolina. You can learn all about it on the webpage,

The Infinity Health Retreat is known for enhancing people’s physical and mental well-being by providing a nutrition and exercise program of awesome precision. The six day program daily includes a  hike in the mountains, a fitness class, and a yoga class—all of which I believe to be made possible by the truly powerful high-quality diet. People have always been able to do things that beforehand would have seemed impossible and, for many, probably were.

I would like to note that a significant part of what offers so much benefit is nature. The value of spending (investing) time in beautiful places outdoors - mountains, oceans, rivers, stars, plants, and animals - is, together they can be restorative for the consciousness. They can support us in ways nothing else can. Nature is known for millennia to be an ancient elixir of the soul, and is, in my opinion, among the best therapies. As for beautiful places on this marvelous planet, I do believe there is something exceptional about the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina which is the reason it’s home-base for the Infinity Health Retreats.

The tough reality is our minds weren’t designed to spend their time caught up in today’s busy world. In a culture of unhealthy products and entertainment, it’s a challenge to not fall victim to the spells of mass-distraction that can put upon us. However, there is a therapeutic stillness to be found in the Blue Ridge Mountains - a special magic to be experienced that cleanses the mind and resets our attention toward the better things in life. Then to make us resilient toward the things that are not so healthy.

At the Infinity Health Retreat, I have had the opportunity to watch people change as they live the principles based on optimum health (and of course I’ve lived them myself.) During this one-week immersion, the question is, what would happen if you lived them? The sheer potential is intriguing, right?

If you’re feeling any interest in joining me for an Infinity Health Retreat then you can check out this video and the webpage to decide if it’s the right thing for you. I will share with you that the program is customized to fit all ability levels. I’m here if you have any questions. If you're feeling a 'yes' then don't wait since these retreats will fill up well in advance. 

Yours Truly,
Billy Merritt 

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