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Ok, I'll share my past life with you! And a story...

Dear Friend,

I'll share with you that in my earlier years (past life!) I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for Big Sky Ski Patrol and Yosemite Search and Rescue. I loved this part of my career. It was adventurous and fulfilling. It actually led me on a path to find myself working as an outdoor guide years later.

These jobs were physically demanding which also motivated me to eat healthy and live an overall healthy lifestyle. Then, one thing after another, as years went by, the Infinity Superfoods came into existence. Tada, the end.




Now, fast forward twenty years later (yup, I'm 46 now)...

It's a sunny day in beautiful Asheville. All is well. I've been out on a hike all day in the mountains and am now running a few errands on my way home. Then just as I was pulling up to a stoplight, I watched the car in front of me, in slow motion, pull out into the intersection, and, wham, they were blind-sided by a truck. The car tumbled over, car parts flying everywhere. 

I hopped out of my car since my natural reaction was to respond to emergencies. All traffic was stopped due to the road being blocked. The scene was safe. But both vehicles were totaled. I first responded to the flipped car, being the most damaged of the vehicles.

There, by the car, was a lady sitting on the ground. She was a little beat up, but miraculously the worst of her injuries was a fractured ankle. (Wow, hooray for angels.)

I introduced myself "Hi, my name is Billy, I'm an EMT, and I'm going to take care of you until other emergency medical services arrive". 

The lady (If you're reading this, don't worry I won't share your name!) turned to me, and with a surprised, eyes-wide-open look, said, "Wait, are you Billy from Infinity Greens?" I nearly passed out. Just kidding, but in that moment, probably being more surprised than she was, I answered "Well, yes! How the heck did you know that?" She responded, "I've been using your superfood products for many years, and I recognized your face from the labels". 

My mind was boggled. I asked myself 'what are the chances of something like this'? I thought, 'wow, talk about the merging of careers in a split second' - just in a way that was beyond my imagination. I'm not exactly serving millions of people (not yet, anyway); so statistically a connection like this is infinitesimal. It felt like a special coincidence. A synchronicity. And it really meant something to me.

I don't mean this arrogantly, but my natural inclination has always been to help people. It's certainly my motive with the Infinity Superfoods, of course. As it was for my prior career.

I'll share with you that having the opportunity to see the benefits other people receive from my efforts isn't exactly frequent since my products are sold primarily on the Infinity Greens website. Seldom do I see what the Infinity products do for people. And seeing the fruit of my labor benefit others has always been something I've valued. 

So there it was - with a customer right on the side of the road. While sitting with her, the nice lady, probably in her fifties, explained how much she felt she had benefitted from using my products for years. Thinking about that experience always makes me smile. Hooray for synchronicity when it's something meaningful like that. 

Good news by the way. I just finished my two year EMT renewal on Wednesday. (Woohoo!) I've maintained my certification these past years, always having the feeling that it could be a valuable life skill down the road. Shoot, you never know when you can put to use what you learned from a past life. (I'll share with you that partially for that purpose I'm intending to jump onboard the local fire department as a volunteer. I'll let you know how it goes.) 

So that's it. It's been fun to share this with you!​ And, hey, what's the chance you and I could cross paths someday, a world that's maybe smaller than it seems? Only One knows, right?😉 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! (And, as always, drive defensively, for goodness sake!)

Yours Truly, and here for you always,

Billy Merritt 

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