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Personal Letter

Why this grand journey that's coming up...

If you’ve been reading my newsletters for a while you may know my story of how I ended up on this path of seeking optimal health. 

Years ago I woke up in the hospital with broken bones and a bad bite injury to my tongue.

That was the result of my having a grand-mal seizure where I lost consciousness and my muscle contractions were so severe they resulted in my injuries.

Doctors discovered that the cause was bleeding vessels in my brain and over the next five years this rare condition turned my life completely upside down. This injury wreaked havoc on my body - often throwing me into violent fits of shaking or an instant inability to speak.

Over that time period, I had hundreds of seizures, and it’s no exaggeration that some were so serious they could have ended my life. Doctors were completely mystified that I was still even alive. 

During these years, whether out of determination, desperation (or both), I devoted my focus to discovering ways to improve the worst of health conditions - and to help my body heal itself. 

It may sound noble, but really... I had no choice;
It was a ‘do or die’ scenario.

Because I already had years of extensive nutritional background, I had collected research on which nutrients improve brain function.

I decided to travel to countries like India, Nepal, Costa Rica, and Peru to discover what foods they revered the most.

Once I understood and began to include the most powerful superfoods in my daily routine, it was like a switch flipped in my health. I knew I’d never look at life the same way again, nor would I go back to a life of a not-so-healthy diet. 

I Very Simply Felt a New Level of Life-Force and Vitality 

Out of that quest for healing, and a way to save myself from a horrifically difficult ordeal, began my journey of making the body superhuman (the potential which I discovered to be awesome, yet little known). 

The current formulation of Infinity Greens was born along the way, and it’s become my passion to produce Infinity superfood products that can help others achieve optimal health too.

As you know, I consistently share lifestyle tips to improve your health in my newsletters. 

These tips come from my own experience and I’ve said it many times before, that superfoods are at the top of the totem pole in terms of effectiveness. They are a pillar of good nutrition that can’t be ignored if you want to look and feel your best.

But What You Put In Your Body Is Only One Piece
of the Whole - (Listic) Puzzle

In addition to nutrition, of course physical exercise is crucial. There are a lot of things you can do to meet the body’s need for exercise - the list is virtually endless. But there’s one particular activity that, for the money, is far and away the most effective for the health of both the mind and body.

I’m talking of course about hiking. After all, trekking through beautiful terrain is just what our ancestors did for millennia - not to mention that many cultures still do. 

The physiological benefits of hiking are incredible. Your heart rate elevates as you are essentially lifting your body-weight with your legs as you trek up and down hills. Hiking is the perfect cardio and load-bearing activity, all in one, to get you strong, head to toe. 

Plus, you’re exercising the largest muscles in your body—namely your gluteus muscles and quads in your legs—which has the most effect on your metabolism to keep you slim and trim - and for the long term.

It Does Wonders for Our Mental Health

Nature can be a powerful influence for our general sense of peace and happiness. In my book, the Infinity Health Manual, I emphasize just how mountains, oceans, canyons, and other places of great beauty are restorative nutrition for the mind. 

Engaging with these forces of nature can support us in ways that nothing else can. 

The brilliance of going on an adventure to places of grandeur beauty is, in my opinion, among the best therapies. 

Now generally speaking, few of us have the time to hike for hours every day, but a bonus of periodically practicing this form of therapy on greater adventures (in terms of length and location), is the benefit offered which can last for extended periods - I say even months.

In past newsletters we've talked about the brilliant fusion of a healthy diet and daily exercise. The two together have a powerful synergy, potentiating their massive influence on one's health - something invaluable that we should be aiming for. 

And there is another crucial element that the majority of us have been extremely deprived of over the last year, and that is the impact of being around other positive people and nurturing our relational well-being.

Even before the pandemic hit, modern everyday life has had a way of robbing us of the vitality that we all dream of. But the forced isolation and the cancelling of the things we held near and dear to our hearts was devastating.

I myself had an epic hiking trip planned that had to be cancelled just days before we were scheduled to leave. I don’t think back then I even expected that we would be locked down and lose access to so many things for so long.

The pandemic exacerbated something that is also crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body, something that particularly impacts the immune system. You’ve probably guessed I’m referring to stress. (The rhyme was unintentional).

Stress is essentially anything that puts strain on the mind or body. From a lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and even anxiety and anger - essentially anything that makes us feel less at ease. So isolation, economic challenges, political unrest - it all plays into the mix.

Periods of These Challenges Are All Naturally Part of Life

Stress hormones, like cortisol, aren't always a big deal since the body knows how to remedy imbalances. But on a regular basis these hormones can have as much wear and tear as junk food. 

And I think regardless of where in the world you live, this last year plus has been a record-breaker for stress production - which means your body has likely been consistently producing more than its normal share of adrenaline, which if left unused, makes the body weaker and the mind irritable and more vulnerable to low moods, too. 

The big picture is, I’m all about living and helping others to live a life that incorporates the essential elements of optimal health. A healthy diet, time in the outdoors, exercise, and spending more time with joyous companions.

And, I have made a decision to do something that will activate every single one of the crucial elements of well-being.

So, if you’re ready to be done feeling stressed, if you’re aching to spend some time with like-minded, stimulating people, getting all the sunshine and exercise as you need, fueling your body and mind with the nutrients you need to feel your optimal best, then I have just the thing. 

I want to invite you to my Triple-R Infinity Health Retreat
September 25th through October 1st in Taos, New Mexico.

The Northern New Mexico landscape is my absolute favorite! 

This will be a week for your mind, body and spirit to Reset, Regenerate, and Renew.  

A time where you can immerse yourself in a routine that will get you fit and healthy, and reveal just how truly amazing you can feel day after day.

The governor fully opened the state for tourism in July, and unless things change dramatically, this month (August) we will still be good to go for September.

During the Taos Triple-R Retreat we’ll spend seven days in Taos, New Mexico, which is truly one of my favorite places on earth. And as you read on, I think you’ll understand.

Why Visit the Land of Enchantment For Superior Health?

There is truly something magical about Taos, and I want to share it with you. 

The entire event will be in the most beautiful area that I can think of.

I’ve taken care of all the details so all you have to do is sign up and show up.

  • Every day we will wake up and do a yoga class specially designed for the program.

  • We’ll hike and explore the beautiful landscape of the southern Rockies, Sangre de Cristo and Jemez mountains, and the Rio Grande Gorge.

  • We’ll experience awesome landscapes and cultural destinations that will inspire you. 

  • You’ll be fed delicious, highly nutritious meals, prepared by a private chef under my guidance every day.

  • You will be in the company of other VERY positive people, (seriously, I’m being very selective about who I invite on this adventure).

  • Chilling out in the afternoon

  • Hitting up some historic and sacred places and taking in the cultural history of the area

  • Enjoying an amazing group activity each evening.

  • And of course there are to be some total surprises.

This Trip Can Be The Launchpad That
Will Change Your Habits Forever

Your body can change faster than you think is possible. And so can your mind.

I’m saying this because I don’t want you to underestimate the mental and emotional benefit that this type of experience can have on the health of your brain and mind.

When you have all the pieces working together… nutrition, exercise, meditation, and the company of like-minded people, you can experience a superior lifestyle.


You’ll get in tune with your life force and know once and for all how good you can feel. And when that happens you will feel the difference.

Believe it or not, your brain will change for the better. 

When you are on a superior health routine with diet and exercise and sunshine it actually makes your mind more impressionable. More able to change and grow.

We can get technical and talk about neuroplasticity…. or even neurogenesis. 

It’s your brain’s ability to change and improve. And even grow new brain cells - all things I talked about extensively in the series of brain health classes I provided in 2020.

In the past, researchers assumed that new brain growth was something that only happened with children. But the latest research shows that you can grow new brain cells under the right conditions.

What are those conditions? Basically, what we will provide for you during the retreat. Amazing nutrition, relaxation, exercise, sunshine and good company. 

When your health is outstanding you become a happier person. This week will be all about changing your body and mind. 

You’ll have everything you need for optimal physical, mental and emotional health. 

We’ll take in the beauty of nature and have stimulating conversations, sharing insights and taking time for meditation.

Boost your energy while challenging your body and mind.

I’m getting totally pumped when I think about all the spectacular places we’ll see and how awesome it’s going to feel to get outside and hike all week.

The hikes will be challenging, interesting and fun. 

We’re going to push our bodies, take in some of the most gorgeous scenery you’ve ever seen (the fall colors are epic!), and walk in the footsteps of people who have lived in New Mexico thousands of years ago.  

My trail team will be with us on every hike, making sure everyone has what they need and are comfortable, safe, and well hydrated. 


Also relative to preserving your safety, I have a lot of experience leading hikes for health retreats all over the world, and I am a trained EMT.

I Can’t Wait To Talk To You

We’ll also spend time sitting together talking about the things that are important to you regarding your health and diet. You and I will have an entire week together where you can in essence get health and nutrition coaching from me personally. You can ask any questions and I’ll give you guidance. 

You Will Walk Away A New Person

This week will change your life. My deepest intention is to transform your mindset and your health so you can live your best life.

I’ve had a few people cancel over the last three weeks due to personal circumstances, so I now have slots that have opened up for 4 more people.

However, there are a couple tiny requirements. 

  1. To make sure everyone who is part of this mythical journey has a 10 out of 10, five star experience, I’ll need to have a chat with you before I can reserve your spot. 


  1. Only 12 total will be allowed on this trip. This will ensure we all have adequate time to connect and make friends, so act fast or you’ll be left out. (Note that my Peru trip that was to happen last year filled up in less than one week.)

So, let me know if you would like to join me and an exceptional group of people on this trip! 

It will transform your life.

Call right away at 661-269-2616, or email me here if you’re interested in going. 

Also I’ve made this program as cost efficient for you as possible with several pricing options we can talk about… but act now, September 25 will be here before you know it.

Yours Truly,


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