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The question I am asked most!

I'm happy to answer the question that I am asked all the time..."Billy, what do you eat, daily?"

First, I'll share with you that I'm all about the "longevity and life-force diet (and lifestyle)". Probably no surprise. A superior diet, when it comes to comprehensive health, is certainly part of what changed my life. And I believe it's also part of why I’m still here today. Long story (perhaps you heard it), but my survival from a health condition has, well, mystified modern medicine. And I worked hard for it. 

Naturally this is why I’m on this path with Infinity Greens (and the health retreats, too).

So here’s my daily routine (Note - in this newsletter I'm providing the basics to keep it short and simple. You can learn a whole lot more in my book, Infinity Health Manual) - 

First thing, when I hop out of bed... a large glass of water! One to two cups. Drink the amount that feels right for you.

Next is my smoothie. I’m all about the morning 'liquid nutrition'. We're talking something that's easy to digest and also hydrating. To me, this is the most important meal of the day. And I promise this is not just to sell you my products, the Infinity Superfoods. It is unquestionably a substantial part of my overall health, and if I even go one day without my smoothie then I don’t feel quite right. Try it daily, and you’ll see. 

My smoothie recipe: One banana in the blender with a cup of water, a few ice cubes, one round tablespoon almond butter, two tablespoons Infinity Protein, one tablespoon Infinity Greens, and one tablespoon Infinity-C. Simple. Powerful. Click here if you'd like to watch me make it.

Note - I'm a believer in hot drinks in the morning. Have your hot drink of choice. Assuming it doesn't have exorbitant amounts of caffeine or sugar. Naturally I'm partial to Infinity Chai. Give it a go if you're due for something better.

Then a couple hours later (can't put a time on it since it's your schedule)...

Oatmeal. An underestimated food. Add a handful of blueberries, a handful of almonds (need I mention the brilliance of 'sprouted' nuts and seeds? Tried the Infinity nuts and seeds yet?), and a little honey. A tablespoon of ghee or coconut oil is optional. And a sprinkle of cinnamon and sea salt. Do it daily for a week, then tell me you don't like it. I'd be surprised.

A few hours later...

Egg sandwich. Yup - I’m a believer in eggs - a tried and true food for millennia. Ezekiel bread - flourless has my faith. Manna bread is another decent choice. I'm not a fan of bread made with flour (like 99% of bread products). I talk all about it in my book. Have with it one or two scrambled eggs. As for ramping up the flavor and nutritive value, it’s all about what you have with it. Raw sauerkraut and a big handful of greens (perhaps with avocado) is a combo that's hard to beat.

A few hours later...

Infinity Green Bar - a totally balanced meal with superior nutrition. If you've had them then I know you understand. (I often have this meal with a few squares of dark chocolate.) 

Then dinner... 

If you try this recipe then you may never go back to the old stuff you were eating before...

Rice, salmon, and my famous 'green sauce'. (I delve into the science/reasoning/balance and nutritive brilliance of this meal in my book.) 

Steam your jasmine rice. Add Indian curry powder and sea salt. Fluff the rice with ghee or coconut oil. 

Broil the salmon five to eight minutes. TBD by your oven. 

And now for the famous 'green sauce' (perhaps soon to be found at your local store)...

Add to the blender one large bunch of lacinto kale (remove the stem), juice of three lemons (remove the seeds), and a quarter cup of olive oil. A half teaspoon of salt or to your liking. And I suggest adding a sprig of fresh basil and a spritz of cayenne. For best results use a high-power blender, a brilliant life investment. 

This amazing green sauce you’ll pour over your rice and salmon. (Good news...this green sauce keeps in the fridge for a few days.)

Note: there are many other brilliant fruits and veggies you can include in your routine (and there are many others to not include), but this dietary routine includes the absolute elites.

And that's pretty much it. And more good news is preparing these meals is relatively easy. Hooray! 

Just give it a go for a week! Every day! (Note: this diet may need some modification to meet special dietary needs. Yup, I talk all about that in my book.) I'm so very confident you'll be glad you gave this a 'go'. We're talking new levels of life force...and to be well on your way to a healthier You. As for weight loss, if this is a priority for you (as it should be for 65% of Americans), this is a diet that will totally satisfy your appetite on relatively few calories due to the nutritive value. This is why portion control with this diet is not to be a concern. Plain and simple, you're going to lose weight, if you need to. 

I will note here that this does not mean you are abiding by a strict diet. For example, is going out with friends and eating whatever you want, from time to time, going to hurt? Probably not. (I often joke that even birthday cake on the right occasion can be an extraordinary food since it's part of celebrating someone. But I mean it. Even better, I'll soon share my own 'cake' recipe that might just blow your socks off.) I will say, however, that you will quickly discover that this routine I have shared with you takes little to no discipline, after a few days in. Unquestionably your body favors conditions (like your diet) that contribute to its innate ability to thrive, when given a solid chance. Especially when it comes to the elite stuff. 

This is part of why I have not become tired eating the same thing every day for fifteen years. Sure, I'm open to variety, as you'll see with my other recipes, but I feel you'll also understand why the diet I have shared with you today is something that the body only favors more and more. 

(Note! I received many questions from this article, and HERE are the answers!)  

Lastly, I appreciate that you read my articles! It simply gives me reason to do it. And pass this one to a friend who you feel might benefit from it! Might that pretty much be everyone? 

Yours Truly,


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