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The very foundation of YOU.

Dear Friend,

There’s no debating that the health of your brain largely determines the quality of your life - it's responsible for your mood, memory, problem solving, communication, and function of virtually everything in the entire body.

For the next few weeks I am sending you bite-size pieces of information - how-to’s for preserving and even enhancing the health of your brain.

In this series we will be tackling the following concerns:

1) The risk of Alzheimer's which is the 3rd leading cause of death has more than doubled in the last ten years. This means that after the age of 85, the risk is 50% - and it's due to specific causes (repairable) that few people know about. 

2) The increasing rate of diabetes (also repairable) is linked to brain health.

3) Additional priorities include:

- Emotional health  

- Stress management 

- Mental clarity 

- Immune health

- And weight-loss 

The good news is the health of your brain can be improved at any stage of your life, making what I have to share with you time sensitive, for everyone, regardless of age. 

As you probably know by now brain health is my passion since healing my brain has required fourteen years of my complete focus. 

Part of my mission is to make this not only practical, but also relatively simple. The fact is, even how you live your life today affects the health of your brain for the remaining years of your life. Needless to say, there is an urgency here. So keep on eye on your inbox.


Yours Truly,


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