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The big picture made simple - a key to your power 🌎

Dear Friend,

Is it possible to have it all? A fit body, radiant skin, a strong immune system, a healthy mind, and even a satisfied palate?

The short answer? A definite “YES!”

Living with a healthy diet creates a quality of life for which no one has ever regretted spending the time and effort. The wellbeing of mind and body is invaluable. And the value, as great as it already is, can yet become even greater as we walk the better path.

I do, however, understand that it can be tricky in the modern day to not feel overwhelmed with the idea of a complete diet overhaul. The body can reject this kind of radical change due to the stress alone. As for the how-to’s, one could write volumes on health. There’s just so much information out there. And only to make it harder, a lot of the information is conflicting.

So let's just take a step back and look at the big picture: a fundamental key to your life-force and longevity is to add more and more genuinely healthy foods to your diet. Really, the good news is that so much of the important stuff can be pretty easy to do. And, still, even for me, it’s refreshing to pause and look at what constitutes a healthy diet in the simplest terms.

I can guarantee anyone that incorporating the simplified protocols that I share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, will be reflected by longevity, energy, weight loss, ability to heal and mitigate disease, clarity of thought and certainly even happiness too, since it’s all connected. These are the universal how-to's for anyone. The really good news is it isn’t rocket science. A powerful lifestyle can actually be not so complicated.

Plain and simple: if you give your body the elite nutritive and lifestyle support, you’ll uncover a healthier you. And together, a healthier species. Importantly, we truly feel the vitality and life-force that come with it. But wait! Remember this is about more than just physical health. It’s mental health, too. Our diets and lifestyle affect us holistically. And honing its improvement is an ongoing life journey. As such, it’s a matter of starting where you are and adding a few of the truly healthy foods (and exercise, sunshine, and good sleep) to your daily routine.

More good news is your body’s health-oriented instincts will become revamped. Your tastes will gradually change in the favor of genuinely healthy foods, and your choices will gravitate in that direction. Remember that your body’s genetic intelligence (including taste buds) will conspire on your behalf when you give them a chance with the right foods. Thankfully a progression toward making better and better choices can feel quite natural. And it could happen faster than you might think.

As for the healthiest foods to add to our daily routine, what are we talking about? Well, they’re foods that are, for the most part, in an unprocessed, unrefined state—plus a few vitally important ones that should be part of nearly everyone’s diet, like broccoli, kale, spinach, other similar greens, and berries, right? And, yes, the right superfoods, too.

However, adequate consumption of these foods has fallen way short in the modern diet. Instead, a large percentage of the modern diet consists of processed foods (even foods that we may not think of as processed) such as breads, pastas, cereals, crackers, chips, other snack foods, and bottled drinks.

The reality is, “You are what you eat,” is more true than we might realize. New cells, the very substance we are made of, are being created every moment. Although it’s largely imperceptible to the outside senses, our bodies are constantly changing, for good or for bad, based on what we’re feeding ourselves. That’s the importance of rebuilding your body with the right stuff all the time. While so much of our population manages to get by on processed foods, seeming to defy the laws of nature, processed foods do have long-term costs that most people don’t think about until it’s too late.

Of course we don’t want to put a hiatus on health at any stage of the game. The simple reality is, this is really time sensitive stuff. The fact that you’re reading this reflects that you totally get it. (Hooray for that!) Ironically we are a minority.

I will say this: when your friends and family pick up on your life-force generated by a healthy lifestyle, they’re going to find it very appealing. Radiant health is attractive. You’re leading by example without even trying. Without even saying a word, you can be a positive influence towards those around you.

So… you’re needed.

Together, isn’t this a quest of making the mind and body superhuman? Mitigating disease + becoming better thinkers? Whoa, talk about powerful. And, well, kind of essential. Like I said in my newsletter last week, this concept is not a fantasy. The potential is truly awesome. Yet little-known. (Not forever though!)

There is a pricelessness to the well-being we were destined to live, and I say we take it up a level and reallygo for it. You in?

More to come next week!

Yours Truly,

Billy Merritt 

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